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A Sellers Guide to choosing an Estate Agent

Choosing your Agent


When the time comes to sell your home, how do you choose which agent to appoint? You have a tremendous choice of agencies and, on the surface, most appear to do more or less the same thing. But there is far more to moving than simply finding a buyer and it is critical that when the time comes, you choose the right agent for you, your property and your situation. Many agents make unrealistic claims and rash promises, so here are some guidelines which we hope will help you choose the right agent to sell your home.

The Valuation or Market Apprasial


It is well known that some agents will deliberately over value in order to impress you to secure your instruction. Don't be fooled in falling into the trap of simply choosing the agent with the highest valuation and the lowest commission. An over inflated price attracts the wrong buyers to your property, puts off the best buyers and can often result in the property going stale on the market. This can often lead to the property falling below its true market value.

Local Expertise


Buyers overwhelmingly prefer to work with local experts, whom they regard as 'in the know', so choose a well established local agent.All our staff members live locally. We feel this is invaluable as we are able to give best advice to buyers and sellers, with an in depth knowledge that is gained from living locally.



Many sellers are unaware of the considerable differences between agencies and have no alternative than to decide whom to appoint on the level of commission charged. This is often a huge mistake and is a bit like buying a car purely on price considerations. All cars go from A to B, but the vast price differential is related to issues of quality, reliability, security performance and the whole driving experience.The same is true of estate agents. Some agents simply cannot afford to provide a level of service that is either effective, or makes the selling experience hassle free. For example, they are often that last firms to provide adequate staff training or post-offer support, resulting in missed offers, slower sales and lower prices. Cut-price estate agents usually require a higher turnover of stock in order to survive and therefore are less likely to be concerned about securing the best price for their clients. The net amount in your pocket is surely more important than the fee charged!

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